Um, Told Ya So …

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
– Arthur Schopenhauer

Since I first wandered out to Hollyweird back in 1991, I have been extolling the virtues of vinyl and predicting its comeback. I recall, not terribly fondly, the strange arguments I’d have with my friend Charlie who was convinced beyond measure that I was a raving lunatic and that CD was not only here to stay, but was better (perfect, even) and that the days of scratchy, popping vinyl records were almost to a complete end. As it turns out. he was right. Temporarily.

Thanks to DJs and Hip Hop artists in the main, audiophiles in the fringes, vinyl remained on life support for the ensuing decade only to begin to show signs of increased life as downloads from services like iTunes began to decimate the CD, essentially killing the market for physical media. Vinyl began making its comeback thanks, in this case, to the efforts of indie bands and labels, and the independent media stores that support the whole indie music community. For artists, vinyl is a way of telling the fan base that you’re legit and that you care about more than just the empty calories of a download – you care enough to do things the hard way, the old fashioned way, the way of our founding fathers (ok, I might be going a bit far there …) – but these things are important.

In a world where everything is so fast it’s almost instantaneous, it becomes almost impossible to get a sense of value and depth from music. We’re drowning in hyperactive entertainment, smart-phone culture, and fast food. Slow is sometimes good, fresh and local is sometimes good, and vinyl … is sometimes really f’ing good.

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