U-Turn Turntable a “Crosley Killer”!

Over at Analog Planet, Michael Fremer took the new from Orbit — the U-Turn — for a quick spin. And he likes what he hears, especially considering the $179 price-tag.

The U-Turn turntable began as a Kickstarter-funded project and is manufactured in Woburn, MA. At $179, the U-Turn is a desirable upgrade to the tin-can Crosley’s and other budget turntables in the mainstream market (you can now buy turntables at Urban Outfitters). I’ve been curious about this ‘table since the Kickstarter campaign. We get questions about sub-$500 turntables every single day and the price is just right for a starter turntable. It’s important to get started with equipment that is not only affordable, but engaging. You have to enjoy the sound to get hooked, right? And we’ve all heard too many a Crosley destroy an LP experience.

As Fremer remarks towards the end of his review: “I could have reviewed the $179 U-Turn Orbit turntable taking into account its low price and letting it off easy for the few small issues I had with it since most buyers will plug it in play and enjoy the hell out of it. Welcome new vinyl lovers your adventure is just beginning! But after listening for a day I thought the ‘table should be reviewed on a level playing field with any product I get my hands on. It’s that accomplished.


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