5 Artists To Cure Your Audiophilitis : Modern Retro Week

Strong medicine for those afflicted with Audiophilitis …

Are you looking for great new artists putting out amazing albums, or even new albums from established artists that will break you out of the same old rut? There is a mind boggling wealth of new music being released in recent times, with artists creating new sounds, mining the past for inspiration, or even working right in the middle.

This week’s list has a theme entitled “Modern Retro”. Musical artists looking back for inspiration but staking out their own territory.


1: Alice Gold: Seven Rainbows


British songstress Alice Gold somehow manages to fuse classic 60’s pop, acid rock, and heavy beats into a mesmerizing stew. A truly gifted singer, Gold gives us a very impressive debut. There is not a weak track to be found, and you will find it hard to not to hit the repeat button.




2: Jonathan Wilson: Fanfare


Wilson is known as the as a producer-extraordinaire out of Laurel Canyon, having worked with Dawes, Father John Misty, and a host of others. His own albums are beautiful pastiches of 70’s AM gold, Jerry Garcia inspired guitar flourishes, and powerful balladry. The entire album is simply ravishing. Worth noting: Wilson’s prior album, “Gentle Spirit”, features a gorgeous cover of Gordon Lightfoot’s “The Way I Feel”.

Available as an HDTracks download.


3: MMOSS: I.


New Hampshire based MMOSS proudly flies it’s low key freak flag with around the campfire trippy sing alongs. They make pit stops referenceing early Traffic, Tull, Jefferson Airplane, and even Renaissance. But the kicker is they sound modern and fresh, with enough shades of dark and light that demands your full attention. Simply an amazing record.


Bandcamp Link.



4-Rose Windows: Sun Dogs



Looking back to the late 60’s to the beginning of the progressive movement, Rose Windows blows minds with their debut on SubPop. Volunteers era Jefferson Airplane collides head on with Emerson Lake & Palmer, then detours into pastoral folky psychedelia. Listener patience will be rewarded, with a constant build up of tension and release. One of the most brilliant first offerrings I can remember.

Available as an HDTracks download.


5: Arborea: Fortress Of The Sun



The husband and wife duo that make up Arborea create a blend of dreamy, hazy freak folk, with traditional material and stunning originals. Think Led Zeppelin III put through a Gothic blender, or an acid tinged Pentangle. The group’s entire discography is well worth investigating. The sounds pour over you like a crimson sunset. Highly recommended.



Andre Marc grew up on the East coast and has been writing professionally for over 25 years about a variety of topics. He is an obsessive music lover with a nice stereo who currently resides in Southern California.

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