Song of the Day: Beck “The Golden Age”

“The Golden Age” is the opening track on Sea Change, Beck’s 2002 lonesome masterpiece of an album. With Sea Change, Beck’s folk/country songwriting influences were brought front and center. From the beginning, Sea Change garnered cult-like praise from critics and fans alike and its legendary status continues to grow. The sound is raw, desperate, and heartwarming. Mobile Fidelity’s reissue of the vinyl (and SACD) is the finest sounding version of this epic album. You should own this LP.

As of October 28th, 2014, Beck has signed with Capitol Records to release his next album Morning Phase. It will be released in February, 2014. The album features many of the same musicians as Sea Change and has been described as being a “companion piece of sorts” to the 2002 album. Exciting stuff.


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