Ramble On! Now’s The Time…

My brother from another mother, Steven Rochlin, lays it out once again in his latest “Senseless Ramblings” opinion piece, within which he attempts once again to to give notice to the industry-at-large (that means all you old fuddy-duddies thinking that the audio world still works like it did in the 80′s and 90′s!) and foretells – with impish vaguery – of something he’s working on in the background. I don’t know what it is at this point, but – as you’ll see – it requires things audio entrepreneurs are no strangers to: big risk, and big money. And while the entrepreneur is generally the kind of person that seeks risk (instead of avoiding it), big money is always hard to come by … and when you do, the one thing big money tends to hate is: RISK.

So it’s always an interesting dance, because the opportunity is in the Risk, but the Money seeks sure things. Somewhere along the way something gives – either the entrepreneur manages to sell his belongings, get a second mortgage on the house, hock his blood for enough cash to pursue the dream by shouldering all of the risk himself, or the Money relents a little bit and meets them halfway, allowing more risk into the equation than they’re comfortable with but less risk than the project calls for. Somewhere along the line, the idea gets built and tested, funded with more blood, sweat, tears. and cussin’ than it is with money – and whatever happens, happens.

But I know Steven for over 20 years and so I know this much … if ever there was a guy who could take an idea from dream to reality, Rochlin’s the man.

Ramble on, brother!



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