Purely Plutonic

There’s a brand-spankin’ new review of this very interesting design over at Hi Fi Pig by their latest addition to the masthead: Richard Joyce

Good stuff, too – he’s run these speakers through their paces and given them a very fair and balanced assessment.

HOWEVER … a few details are missing, and so I’d like to add them here just in case you’re interested in knowing more.

Pluto is one of Sigfried Linkwitz’s design, he of the legendary “Linkwitz-Riley” crossover topology, and truly a legendary resource to DIY’ers worldwide. His website, http://www.linkwitzlab.com/,  is one of the more influential and useful places a DIY’er can go for instruction, theory, ideas, and projects to build. Indeed, the Pluto began as a project-design on the Linkwitz Lab site many years ago, and has a loyal following of fans and DIY builders.

As a fan of omni, and mostly-omni designs, this one looks pretty interesting and now that it has been commercialized it seems an even nicer design … really much more decor friendly.

So .. another missing detail, for those of you who will inevitably wind up wanting to find out how to get a pair, is the website itself for the product: http://www.plutospeakers.co.uk/

I’m not certain if they ship outside of the UK, but I’m sure they could be convinced to …

[button color=”red” text=”white” url=”http://youhttp://hifipig.com/pluto-ultimate-loudspeakers/rsite.com/page” window=”_self”]ENJOY RICHARD’S REALLY ROUSING REVIEW AT HI-FI-PIG![/button]


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