Onix Bridges Past and Present

Over at Audio Activity, Domenico Pizzamiglio covers a device of which type is starting to become a bit popular: the CD player with internal Hi-Res DAC, which one may also access via USB (or other digital input). As such it will permit the user to enjoy a collection of CDs in the traditional way, while also allowing access to a library of music – including high-resolution music – which may reside on a computer or media server. Because lots of folks have large CD collections, but are also indulging in high-resolution downloading from various services like HD Tracks, Blue Coast Music, and AIX, this kind of ‘bridging product’ seems very useful.

This Onix player sells for around 1,500 Euro (ca: $2,000.00 USD). I’m not sure how to regard the price of digital gear any more, though – it seems like there is a competition to get the most resolution and performance into the smallest box for the lowest price, especially when it comes to DACs, and especially especially when it comes to USB DACs. Given the ubiquity of the home computer, it might make more sense and yield better results to rip your CD collection to the HD and play through a dedicated USB DAC. Heck – an Apple Mini will run you less than $1k (giving you a dedicated server), and there are plenty of USB DACs selling for well under $1k … so how is it that we can judge the value of a $2k CD player DAC combo?

Check out the case made for Onix’s player [button color=”redlight” text=”white” url=”http://www.audio-activity.com/onix-cd15a-en.html” window=”_blank”]HERE[/button]

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