Warhammer Armies: Dwarfs (8th Edition) by Games Workshop

By Games Workshop

Dwarfs rulebook for eighth Ed Warhammer myth

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Warhammer Armies: Dwarfs (8th Edition)

Dwarfs rulebook for eighth Ed Warhammer delusion

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W hen not personally shielding their Thane or king, they are tasked with guarding key elements, such as the throne room or front gate. Larger strongholds will have many regiments of Hammerers, and these often become known by the name of what or whom they guard, such as the Peak Gate Guard of Karak N orn or the Drakebeard Guard, the Hammerers assigned to guard Thane U ll Hammerhand o f the Drakebeard clan in Karak Kadrin. BATTLE OF T H E B U R N T H ALL When K in g B elegar sent m essages to K araz-a-K arak requesting aid, he g o t m ore than he bargained for.

Regardless of the material they are made from, D w arf crossbows are deadly weapons — able to drop a Black Ore in its tracks or, with enough Dwarfs firing in concert, even take down a rampaging Giant. W hen the clans are called to fight, some Dwarfs arm themselves with crossbows and join the batde as Quarrellers. These formations are tasked with raining bolts down upon their foes —a task they perform with orderly zeal. Quarrellers seek to thin down the enemy’s ranks, punish units attempting to outflank their own forces and engage in ranged duels with the foe’s missile-armed troops.

The powerfully built D w arf crossbow can easily fire shots that outdistance the puny bows used by Goblins, and the crossbow bolts pack enough punch to devastate lightiy armoured foes. W ith typical D w arf precision, a unit o f Quarrellers will unleash its hail of bolts, reload, take aim and fire again. Protected by heavy armour and their own sturdy constitutions, it is a rare day when an enemy —even one with more skilled marksmen than the Dwarfs —can win a long-ranged shooting contest against a unit of Quarrellers.

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