Treatment of the Narcissistic Neuroses by Hyman Spotnitz

By Hyman Spotnitz

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The patient may say, "I am confused" or he may speak in a fragmented way as his cognitive functionsthought, judgment, perception-begin to deteriorate. When this happens, we speak of the schizophrenic reaction, in which relationships are protected at the sacrifice of contact with reality. Schizophrenia, an intricately structured but psychologically unsuccessful defense against destructive behavior, appears to be patterned during the undifferentiated phase of development when ego and object representations overlap.

And finally, he is wrapped in a cloth, which feels unpleasant on his sensitive skin. On closer examination, LeBoyer asked what does the baby have to be pleased about? As a result of his questions, LeBoyer began to improve the conditions for the newborn. He experimented with dim lights. He placed the infant on the mother's belly without cutting the umbilical cord and waited until breathing occurred naturally and became regular. Only then did he cut the umbilical cord and submerge the infant in a warm bath, massaging its head while holding it gently on his hand.

Then when they grow up and read about modern psychoanalysis, they are told the opposite; that the gods and demigods of ancient Greece behaved very much like themselves. Myths survive because they echo the universal aspects of our own experience. They drive home some truths about the forces that influence our lives by endowing these forces with human form and personality; they anthropomorphize the realities of life and mirror its major perplexities in symbols that the mind can easily understand.

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