Thought-Evoking Approaches in Engineering Problems by Yoshimo Ito

By Yoshimo Ito

In growing the value-added product in now not far away destiny, it will be significant and inevitable to set up a holistic and though-evoking method of the engineering challenge, which can be not less than linked to the inter-disciplinary wisdom and proposal procedures around the complete engineering spheres. it's additionally fascinating to combine it with trans-disciplinary facets starting from production tradition, via liberal-arts engineering and business sociology.

The thought-evoking technique could be exemplified and typified by way of consultant engineering difficulties: unveiling crucial beneficial properties in ‘Tangential strength Ratio and Interface Pressure’, prototype improvement for ‘Bio-mimetic Needle’ and alertness of ‘Water-jet Machining to man made Hip Joint’, product innovation in ‘Heat Sink for Computer’, program of ‘Graph idea’ to similarity overview of creation platforms, leverage between reciprocity attributes in ‘Industrial and Engineering Designs for desktop Enclosure’ and educational interpretation of abilities of mature technician in ‘Scraping’.

The booklet is meant to domesticate the multi-talented engineer of the subsequent iteration through delivering them with the longer term standpoint and ideas for not easy study and improvement subjects.

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As can be seen, a key is first the determination of the threshold of the band-pass filter, and in this trial, the cut-off frequency of the band-pass filter is between 80 and 500 Hz. Once we can determine such a cut-off frequency, the valuable information can be obtained as shown in Fig. 20, where the dynamic component is represented with its maximum amplitude after band-pass filtering. Importantly, the dynamic component increases with the feed rate and depth of cut. e. swarf with better disposability, can be formed.

3). , a grinding wheel manufacturer, merchandised the Cubic Boron Nitride (cBN) grinding wheel with built-in AE transducer in the 1990s. More specifically, the AE transducer can identify the grinding force and roughness of the ground surface, chatter commencement and also the contact of the grinding wheel with work, by detecting Root Mean Square (RMS) value of AE signal, increase of special frequency in the power spectrum variation, and also the increase of vibrational amplitude, respectively. It appears that AE transducer is reliable and very effective, when evaluating the value of the AE sensor from above; however, the AE transducer itself is of passive sonar (ASDIC) type, and thus has certain difficulties in identifying correctly the monitoring objective.

In the machining space, however, these devices have a noise problem and also not enough robustness. 8 shows an FM transmitter applied to the milling process by Spur et al. [4], where the piezoelectric transducer is placed on the rotating main spindle. Following that for milling, Spur and Mette investigated the applicability of the strain gauge to detect the gripping force of the jaw chuck while machining [5]. In these cases, we must first supply the electric power for the piezoelectric transducer and bridge circuit, and then transmit the detected signal by non-contact method as shown together in Fig.

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