There Be Dragons Out There: Confronting Fear, Horror and by Shona Hill and Shilinka Smith (Eds.)

By Shona Hill and Shilinka Smith (Eds.)

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When Jezelle first calls with her warning, Darry attempts to mask his fear with anger and contempt. He swears at her as he hangs up, refusing to listen to her warning. Earlier in the film, immediately upon finding the first body, Darry tries to take control of the situation, ordering Trish to try and flag down a car to get help or to contact the police. Later, when the two kids are staring The Creeper down while in the car, it is Darry’s suggestion to use violence to combat the beast. He encourages his sister to run over The Creeper, hoping that their attack will ultimately thwart their tormentor’s.

Fear, Horror and Terror in the Qur'an Fear, horror and terror are human phenomena. Its dimensions are physical as well as metaphysical. Corporeal reasons of fear had never been a problem and man could overcome it, whenever encountered. But the spiritual element is an ordeal to experience. Believers are comparatively safe and are in ease. They do revert to divine authority for guidance and solace. Muslims claim to have the authentic version of guidance from the Almighty. Incidentally, fear with its all related magnitudes concerning human life is a frequently discussed subject of the Qur'an.

The Creeper stalks its prey similarly to its slasher film predecessors in that is lurks in the shadows and does most of its work either in the night or in dark places. While The Creeper is seen in costumed form a couple of times in the daylight, it does not engage in on-screen violence until after nightfall. All of the deaths occur either outside or in dimly lit areas. As if to further emphasize that it follows the pattern of the slasher killer, The Creeper, despite being indestructible and obviously capable of seeing in the light, makes a point of cutting the power in the police station before entering and looking for victims.

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