The Tuberculous Process. A Conception and a Therapy by Alfred Leitch

By Alfred Leitch

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So much for the mass. Certain members of any community do not conform with the majority and therefore call for special consideration. There are, for example, those possessing a strong personality but who do not, as a rule, quarrel. Others are self-assertive and not infrequently show impatience and even temper with those who show opposition to their acts and views. T o an observer, these people appear to be bordering on, if not already suffering from, some pathological condition when compared with the average individual.

All indicating a state the reverse of the normal, and in keeping with the presence of methyl radicles. It is largely on account of these happenings that the suggestion is made that fluid should replace roughage to help maintain good health so far as the action of the bowels is concerned. In the investigation made by C r u m Brown and Fraser on the reversal of pharmacological action, the question of tuberculosis did not arise, so here the point it is desired to demonstrate is that the production and action of the methyl radicle in the manner just described in the human subject ALIMENTARY TRACT IN TUBERCULOSIS 53 gives support to the Conception of the tuberculous process, and chemical substances formed, as set out.

T o some this may be pure assumption ; further investigation is obviously called for. In any civilized state people are normally respectful in varying degrees and have a desire to help one another. Some, SYMPTOMATOLOGY OF TUBERCULOSIS 33 however, act in a way that calls for modification of the above statement. Unfortunately a few are ill-disciplined, perhaps through faulty training in childhood, or a very limited contact with the world at large. Everything considered, the majority of the inhabitants of any country act in a reasonable way ; during periods of excitement and such like there may be unfortunate happenings, but such are purely temporary.

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