The Seamstress: A Novel by Frances De Pontes Peebles

By Frances De Pontes Peebles

Winner of the chums of yankee Writers Award for Fiction As seamstresses, the younger sisters Em?lia and Luzia dos Santos understand how to chop, mend, and conceal—useful talents within the lawless backcountry of Brazil, the place ruthless land barons feud with bands of outlaw cangaceiros, trapping blameless citizens within the crossfire. Em?lia, a naive romantic, desires of falling in love with a gentleman and escaping to an important urban. Quick-tempered Luzia additionally longs for break out, discovering it in her craft and mystery prayers to the saints she believes as soon as stored her lifestyles. but if Luzia is kidnapped through cangaceiros led through the notorious Hawk and Em?lia stumbles right into a marriage with the son of a filthy rich and politically robust health care professional, the sisters' quiet lives diverge in methods they by no means could have imagined.

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