The Scandalous Summer of Sissy LeBlanc by Loraine Despres

By Loraine Despres

It is a steamy June afternoon in Louisiana, circa 1956, and Sissy LeBlanc is sitting on her entrance porch, pondering -- part heavily -- if she may well kill herself with aspirins and Coca-Cola. She's been residing in stifling outdated Gentry because the day she used to be born and trapped in a sham of a wedding to PeeWee LeBlanc considering the fact that she was once simply seventeen. in brief, she's uninterested, stressed, and prepared for an experience. Sissy simply by no means imagined temptation could come into her lifestyles that breathless summer season day as she sat smoking on her porch swing. For even if she can have been fixated at the taut muscular tissues of the lineman shimmying down the phone pole around the highway, she hadn't allowed herself to visualize that he'd be none except her highschool sweetheart, Parker Davidson, who left city fourteen years earlier than with out quite a bit as a wave goodbye. yet by surprise, the following he's, leaning in for a kiss that might fan the flames of extra pleasure than Sissy may ever have imagined...

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