The Outdoor Handy Book: For Playground Field and Forest by D. C. Beard

By D. C. Beard

Ingenuity and self-reliance are worthy features in a boy or man," writes famed outdoorsman Daniel Carter Beard. And what greater approach to foster them than through working—or playing—with your fingers? For fathers who are looking to construct the version ships (or actual boats!) they by no means knew easy methods to construct, and sons who are looking to construct the last word snow citadel, The open air convenient ebook is an ideal compendium of knowledge and mischief. In its pages are instructions for flying paper dragons, stilt-walking, enjoying dozens of ball video games, development doghouses, shooting butterflies and frogs, and masses extra. absolutely illustrated, and replete with notes to ensure that your enjoyable is diverse, non-stop, and educational in each season of the yr, The outside convenient Book is excellent all-ages actions source, even if you are on the workbench or communing with nature.

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