The one hundred and fifty chapters by Saint Gregory Palamas, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval

By Saint Gregory Palamas, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies

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K} 120. The Sabellianism of the Akindynists. {K} 121. In effect, the Akindynists attempt to show that Cyril contradicts himself. {K} The Contra Acindynum [122-131] 122. The enhypostatic energy and power of the Spirit. (CA) 123. Apophatic and cataphatic theology. 124. The Akindynists and the Eunomians. (CA) 125. Similarities in their arguments. (CA) 126. Their similarities—continued. (CA) 127. The divine energy is neither substance nor accident. (CA) 128. Gregory Nazianzen on the same subject. (CA) 129.

144. The Akindynists fall into the absurdity of making God a creature. 145. The substance-energy distinction in God does not compromise the divine simplicity. The Light of Tabor [146-150] 146. Scriptural and patristic testimonia on the Transfiguration. 147. The Akindynists call the Light of Tabor created and the Palamites they call ditheists. 148. The synodal condemnation of the Akindynists. 149. At times, the Akindynists say the Light is uncreated but identical with the divine substance. 150. They would thus have God's substance visible; or in turn they would make the Light created.

Oikonomos), pp. 248�249. Because of the rarity of this edition, I quote the Greek text in full. I am grateful to the Gennadius Library of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens for providing me with a photocopy of this edition. 26 THE EARLY CHAPTERS εικόνος, oi µέν κατά Χριόταν µετά Χριστόν βαπτίζοντες εις τρεις βαπτίζουσι καταδύσεις, ό δέ Ιωάννης έν τώ 'Ιορδάνη εις µίαν κατάδυ� σιν έβάπτιζε. και τοΰτο έπισηµαινόµενος ό ευαγγελιστής έβάπτιζε. καϊ τούτο έπισηµαννόµενος ό ευαγγελιστής Ματθαίος, Βαπτισθείς, φησίν, ο Ίησοϋς άνέβη ευθύς άπα τοΰ ύδατος.

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