The historical Jesus, a survey of positions by John M. Robertson

By John M. Robertson

This number of literature makes an attempt to assemble the various vintage works that experience stood the try of time and supply them at a discounted, reasonable expense, in an enticing quantity in order that every person can get pleasure from them.

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Later work Jesus the Chbist Mythical? (1912), wrote (p. 68) : Histoeical oe :— Dr. ) Mr. Eobertson to produce an equal to this same parable out of the whole range of Greek literature, which undoubtedly contains the choicest teaching of the ancient world. Dr. Thorburn in his bibliography cited the and second (1912) editions of Pagan Christs thoughtfully omitted, in launching his in vain ! ", to ascertain *' we first ; he believe, whether there had been a second edition of Christianity and Mythology, which any reply I might have to make to Dr.

The experts began slowly to see the point. Then Chapter II MODES OF CONSERVATIVE FALLACY To such reminders the present-day expert will He, that he does not need them. profiting by the past, can commit no such errors. all reply, And belike, yet, however right the present members apostolic succession of there temper over the and may truth-monopolists be, an astonishing likeness in their tone and is cessors, of the down last heresy to that of their prede- bluster, boasting come no less Anger and scolding, snarl and sneer, to the twentieth generation.

If the cautious reader is on the pointing facts calling of the first Fourth Gospel has much of slow to see these plain one who unbeliever in the historic tradition, to a scholar of avowedly an is let him listen the highest eminence, who, after proving himself a master in Old Testament criticism, set himself to specialize hausen : " The Gospel lacks the character of good his judgment in Names named in on the New. " detail ^ entirety, its And he makes : persons are rare: even Jairus is not Among the dramatis personcB it is only Jesus who distinctively speaks and acts the antagonists provoke him the disciples are only figures in the background.

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