The Game-players of Titan (Voyager Classics) by Philip K. Dick

By Philip K. Dick

Philip ok Dick's vintage dystopian novel set sooner or later the place the remainder human survivors on the earth needs to gamble for his or her destiny with extraterrestrial beings from Titan, one of many moons circling Saturn. Roaming the pristine panorama of Earth, cared for by way of machines and extraterrestrial beings, the few ultimate people alive because the conflict with Titan play Bluff, permitting them to win or lose estate and likewise shape new marriages that allows you to maximise the distant probability a few pairings will produce a toddler. whilst Pete backyard, a very suicidal member of the beautiful Blue Fox game-playing workforce, loses his present spouse and his deed to Berkeley, he stumbles upon a much greater, extra sinister model of the sport. The telepathic, slug-like Vugs of Titan are the gamers and at stake is the Earth itself. The Game-Players of Titan is a brilliantly conceived imaginative and prescient of a destiny dystopia, filled with ingenious aspect, moments of natural humour and thought-provoking musings at the nature of notion, because the doubtless basic narrative quickly becomes a tumultuous nightmare of fantasy, precognition and conspiracy.

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