The Dialogical Self in Psychotherapy by Hubert Hermans

By Hubert Hermans

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The affirmation that it is a monologue is not really precise. . Any man’s word expressed in thinking has its audience in whose atmosphere his considerations take place. (Own translation of Rubinstein 1977: 521) The question then arises if it is possible to find traces of the social, communicative and dialogical speech in the cognitively oriented speech of adults as observable in thinking-aloud protocols of problem-solving situations. In terms of the dialogical self: if a (thinking, problem-solving) self is observable that manifests its inner dialogicity.

Rowan and M. Cooper (eds) The Plural Self: Multiplicity in Everyday Life (pp. 254–268). London: Sage. Chapter 2 Developmental origins of the dialogical self Some significant moments Marie-Cécile Bertau Starting points The following considerations have been developed on the background of a concept of dialogicity, which is thought of as fundamental to humans from the moment they come into life, forming their condition in development as well as in outer and inner activities. 1 Relatedness is the core structure from where different kinds of beingrelated-to (others, self, world) develop, and these relations are to be conceived as structure of talk and reply.

Foppa (eds) The Dynamics of Dialogue (pp. 147–177). New York: Harvester Wheatsheaf. H. T. (2002). ’ Theory and Psychology, special issue on the dialogical self, 12, 207–220. A. (1998). ’ Counselling Psychology Quarterly, 11, 135–149. Rosenberg, M. (1979). Conceiving the Self. New York: Basic Books. R. (1986). R. ) Narrative Psychology: The Storied Nature of Human Conduct (pp. 3–21). New York: Praeger. N. (1994). Affect Regulation and the Origin of the Self: The Neurobiology of Emotional Development.

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