The cell cycle : principles of control by David O. Morgan

By David O. Morgan

Mobile department is a crucial organic procedure: it yields the cells required for improvement and development, and provides the alternative cells to fix and keep outdated or broken tissue. This booklet presents an outline of the method of phone department - from chromosome department, via mitosis, cytokinesis, and meiosis. 1. The telephone cycle -- 2. version organisms in cell-cycle research -- three. The cell-cycle regulate method -- four. Chromosome duplication -- five. Early mitosis : getting ready the chromosomes for segregation -- 6. meeting of the mitotic spindle -- 7. The finishing touch of mitosis -- eight. Cytokinesis -- nine. Meiosis -- 10. keep an eye on of telephone proliferation and development -- eleven. The DNA harm reaction -- 12. The mobile cycle in melanoma

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ADULT FEMALE AND MALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEMS 42 2. THE FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM secreted in the breasts. It provides nutrients and protects the infant against certain infections, especially those of the digestive tract (see Chapter 12). Suckling Chapter 12 describes how suckling of the nipple maintains prolactin secretion, which causes milk secretion in previously primed mammary tissue. We also see how nursing stimulates the release of oxytocin, which causes ejection of milk from the nipple. 14).

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