The Boat Beneath the Pyramid: King Cheops' Royal Ship by Nancy Jenkins

By Nancy Jenkins

The boat underneath the pyramid : King Cheops' royal send through Nancy Jenkins is definitely produced and includes first-class photographs by way of John Ross. The textual content presents easily the normal view that the aim of the boat underneath the pyramid was once relating to a royal funeral rite of a lifeless Pharaoh. The booklet does an injustice to the reader by way of no longer together with the becoming physique of analysis that has been performed which provides another view of the aim of those boats. (There is one other boat nonetheless buried at the Giza plateau.) the writer, by means of offering simply the reason that Egyptologists offer, calls for the reader to search out books which supply a unique knowing of the aim of those boats.

The e-book, Pyramids on Water, Floating Stones by way of István Sörös supplied large learn relating to those boats. He contends those boats have been used as floating cranes to raise stones off of barges and position them to construct the nice Pyramid. The ebook I authored titled misplaced applied sciences of the nice Pyramid additionally describes this substitute objective for those attention-grabbing boats.

If you need to easily settle for the information recommend by way of Egyptologists approximately those boats this ebook by way of Nancy Jenkins will fulfill you. that will find out about substitute principles approximately those boats you'll have to search out extra books to get a broader and fuller clarification as to why those boats exist.

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THE PYRAMID-BUILDERS a w a i t i n g d i s c o v e r y b y future archaeologists. S u c h a s y m m e t r i c a l a r r a n g e ­ ment w o u l d be in k e e p i n g w i t h the p y r a m i d ' s architecture. S o far, h o w ­ ever, n o t h i n g has been found. W h e t h e r the boat-pits o n the east face once contained real boats is not k n o w n for certain, t h o u g h the A m e r i c a n archaeologist G e o r g e R e i s n e r , w h o cleaned out one o f these pits in the 1920s, certainly t h o u g h t so.

F o r w e e k s he had been, i f not totally scoffed at, at least put d o w n w i t h the gently patronizing tones that seniors use for their p r o m i s i n g but o v e r l y enthusiastic j u n i o r s . His first sight o f the majes­ tic steering oar had c o n f i r m e d his hunch, and i f further confirmation w e r e needed, it c a m e s o m e days later w h e n D a v i d D u n c a n , a p h o t o g r a p h e r w o r k i n g for Life magazine, inserted a camera in the h o l e in the t w e n t y second block.

The Great Pyramid is on the right, with the boat museum on its southern side. Cf. ill. 14. * The king's body would be brought to the Valley Temple from Memphis by boat, most likely in a papyriform funerary boat looking very much like the R o y a l Ship of King Cheops. The dead king's body was ritually bathed at the Valley Temple in an act of purification and regeneration of his spirit that recalled the Sun-god emerging regenerated each morning from the waters of the Lily Lake. It was the first step in a complicated yet precise ritual that guaranteed the revivification of the king and his survival in the hereafter.

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