Systems of Systems Engineering: Principles and Applications by Mo Jamshidi

By Mo Jamshidi

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Htm. , A. Obeidi, L. Fang, and D. M. Kilgour. 2008. Sustainable environmental management from a system of systems engineering perspective. System of Systems Engineering—Innovations for the 21st Century, Chapter 11, (M. ), John Wiley & Sons, New York. , J. Gomez, S. Kota, and M. Jamshidi. 2008. An approach to surveillance in an area using swarm of fixed wing and quad-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles UAV(s), Proc. IEEE System of Systems Engineering Conference, Monterey Bay, CA, June 2–4, paper # 1569111991.

The implementation architectures © 2009 by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC 24 Mo Jamshidi map directly to airplane and airline implementations and provide a family of physical solutions that all exhibit common attributes and are designed to work together and allow reuse of systems components. The implementation architectures allow for effective forward and retrofit installations addressing a wide range of market needs for narrow and widebody aircraft. The 787 “open data network” is a key element of one implementation of this architecture.

The thrust of the discussion will concern the reality that the technological, human, and organizational issues are each far different when considering a system of systems or federation of systems and that these needs are very significant when considering system of systems engineering and management. As we have noted, today there is much interest in the engineering of systems that are comprised of other component systems, and where each of the component systems serves organizational and human purposes.

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