Studies of Thermal Convection in a Rotating Cylinder with by Dave Fultz, Robert R. Long, George V. Owens

By Dave Fultz, Robert R. Long, George V. Owens

Extra Authors Are Walter Bohan, Robert Kaylor, And Joyce Weil. Meteorological Monographs, quantity four, quantity 21, December, 1959.

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0 for a considerable distance inward. Barring some very obscure experimental reason or some very odd effect (such as, for example, an unusual secondary flow associated with vibration) that might not have been eliminated by our procedure, the measurements must be accepted as real and significant. From the theoretical point of view, it is a particularly puzzling result in a nearly symmetric motion and no readily apparent explanation has occurred to us. About the only reasonable possibility is that some eddy production mechanism is involved.

8 10 16 14 12 RimPrtlfil# 3. u ! ,. ,. 074 \ \ \ ~- .... 5 I ,. 7o I \ ' ..... 5 - "' ' -- -1~·25 ~"' "~ ~~~ ,~ ~ ~"""~~ I'. 074 1'-. 0 ' ..... 5 / Ronul T-TooiT-To FIG. 1Sc. Temperature cross-section for OS 1153-1. 2C). The isotherms are more nearly vertical as contrasted with fig. 13, due to the increased effectiveness of the cold-source wall. 0 -8 / I i i ! ,1 0 12 10 8 16 14 {;OHHECTED Rim Profile I I 6 4 VoL. 4, No. 50\ ••• $ H/ ~. 00 \ 0\. . I •1. 1~ . ,,. 60 ~~ l-±::n .!. 4a -2 :---. 99 -6 .

27, 28, and 29. In fig. 27, t he ink near the top surface outlines the FrG. 28. Stereoscopic photograph (270552-6-3) of 4-wave case under conditions similar to those for fig. 27. H ere some of the north winds west of the surface center a nd west winds behind the cold front are shown by crystal plumes at t he bottom. Conditions a s for fig. 05 X 106• DECEMBER 1959 METEOROLOGICAL MONOGRAPHS position of the jet in a broad sinusoidal trough of the upper waves. At the bottom, the crystals and the plumes of dissolving color from them outline the southeasterly, easterly, and northeasterly winds on the north side of a surface cyclone that is located roughly under the inflection point of the upper jet (southwest winds).

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