State Security and Regime Security: President Syngman Rhee by Yong-Pyo Hong

By Yong-Pyo Hong

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A similar letter was written two years later, with a stronger warning. ’ Now we have the 30 State Security and Regime Security Russians here – and who is going to get them out? … [T]he Koreans do want to fight the Communists and get the Russians out of the north. But unless they have the moral support of the United States, not to mention material support, nothing can be done … [Communist] planes and everything else are all ready to come down to [S]outh Korea as soon as the harvest is under way. With what are we going to stop them?

9 Within the Korean peninsula, too, since February, the US and the Soviet Union had already sought to rearrange the political structure in each zone to create a regime loyal to themselves. On February 8, the Soviets and the northern Communists organized, as a central governing body, the North Korean Provisional People’s Committee with Kim Il Sung as its chairman, and eliminated Cho Man-sik, a highly respected nationalist leader. The North Korean Workers Party was established in August, and the first local elections to choose the representatives for People’s Committees was held in November.

56 On October 1, ROK forces advanced into North Korean territory. A week later, American troops also crossed the 38th parallel with the UN resolution endorsing ‘all appropriate steps to ensure conditions of stability throughout Korea’. When South Korean units reached the Sino-Korean border of the Yalu River on October 29, as far as Rhee was concerned, the unification of Korea on ROK terms seemed close at hand. 57 UN forces were driven below the 38th parallel once again, and the military position finally stabilized close to that line.

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