Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith #4: Savior by John Jackson Miller

By John Jackson Miller

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She was Sith. So were they. In Luke’s mind, that auto-matically meant they could not be trusted. Even if they were sincere in this desire to unite forces and approach the Maw with a lot more firepower than the Jade Shadow would have mustered alone, there had to be a trick, or a trap. They were Sith. Deception was a key-stone of their culture. Vestara Khai was Sith. But she was also a girl who seemed to have at least a few virtues along with her vices, something Luke found unexpected and disconcerting.

Well, I did not expect this to be a particularly comradely union. Very well. You deliver Vestara Khai. Together, in an alliance not seen since this galaxy was new, Sith and Jedi will confront and defeat their mutual foe—one way or the other. And after that . . ” The Sith girl froze. There was a long silence. ” Another long silence. “She has information we require. ” Luke said, turning Taalon’s own flowery words back on him. “That, I do not object to permit-ting her to share. ” “She will come to no harm while entrusted in your .

More would be dropped by reg-ular uvak overflights, Nida said; the only creatures, wild or trained, to be allowed in the airspace above the temple. Elsewhere in the compound, access to Omen’s shel-ter had been cut off. Below, the path up the mountain was being barricaded, even now. It had been painstak-ingly carved, but it would now be blocked forever. What remained, Seelah saw as she looked around, was the cold temple she had come to despise living in. A home fit only for a goddess on high—forever.

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