Southern folk ballads by W K McNeil

By W K McNeil

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55 All these difficulties, made worse by the lack of information from the Southeast, have led me to use tale, legend, and myth as almost interchangeable terms, if only to emphasize our lack of knowledge about native genres. The one primary fact which hangs over all Southeastern folklore studies is the lateness of the collecting. Comparative study serves, above all else, to suggest how much of the richness ofthe ancient Southeastern heritage is forever lost. Treasures of symbolic interpretation such as Lakota Myth can only cause envy in the student of the Southeast, because such esoteric understanding is no longer available.

Population loss due to disease brought by the Spanish is thought to have been the major factor, because it is difficult to maintain complex social structures, particularly ranking and hereditary preferential treatment, when catastrophic reduction in population occurs. Thanks to DeSoto and other early explorers, we know that the world they saw at the time of Contact was much more complex than existed two centuries later. Even in later times, very little serious collecting of ethnographic data was done, and we are left to piece together clues found in various journals and fill in gaps with archaeology.

She was born at the mouth of Sugar (Sugeree) Creek on Catawba River above the Catawba reservation, York County , South Carolina. Mrs. Margaret Wiley Brown of the Catawba Nation who spent her life on the reservation, and died in 1922 at the age of 85, narrator of 33 texts . Mrs. Brown said that. her father was a very old man when he died, as she thought, in about 1845. He bore the marks of smallpox, evidence of his being a victim of the epidemic of 1800 ... Mrs. S Because a significant number of Cherokee had remained in the East, they continued to attract ethnographers after Mooney.

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