Simulation of control systems : selected papers from the by I Troch; Peter Kopacek; F Breitenecker; International

By I Troch; Peter Kopacek; F Breitenecker; International Federation of Automatic Control. Technical Committee on Theory

This quantity investigates simulation and computer-aided regulate procedure designs. The publication covers using types and software programs, their theoretical features and functional purposes, and makes use of illustrative case reports to offer a finished view of this quickly constructing technology.

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A Robo t i c Manipulator control led by means of a S e l f - tuning Cont r o l l e r . To be pub l i shed in Journal A . FOCOP User ' s Manual . Internal report . Dept . of Electr i cal Engine e r ing , De l f t Unive r s ity o f Technol ogy , The Nethe rland s . CONCLUDING REMARKS Two packages have been p r e s ented to s imulate and r ea l i s e in- l ine control algorithms . The pac kage MUS IC requires a PDP- 1 1 or microVAX c ompute r with a r e a l - t ime operating system . The user doesn ' t need to know the unde r lying operating system to wr i t e comp l i cated cont rol algo r i thms in Fortran .

Interface Between the User and MUS IC with a sample time of 0 . 5 sec . The oute rmost layer of the MUS IC system i s a menu . It makes the system user-fr iendly , because the user does not need to know any particular c omputer-dependent info rmat ion . For instanc e , he needn ' t know the syntax of a command , how to compile or l ink a program , etc . The refe rence signal generator used in thi s exampl e cons i s ted of a square -wave generator f o l l owed by a second-order f i lter with bandwidth w and damping selec ted rat i o z:; , parameters whi ch can be by the us e r .

D Y. s em w n s um The (3) 0 x 0 t e (t) H I e ( t-1 ) O (� ���i))� (! �f ( =(�) } : r � } : � � J where ox ( t ) =x ( t ) -x ( t-1 ) , ou (t) =u ( t) -u ( t-1) , e ( t ) = Y r ( t ) - z ( t) . The control sys tem is designed using the op timal control for the quadratic criterion function. oo ��1� 1 s-� o��6 . o 0��0 �� e-o i1 . 1. -' J O' T IME: rnuu Fig . 6 ( a) System outputs I] Q [ O I] T -1 T R [B , O ] P = 0 - P the control input u ( t) is yield as t-1 u ( t) = ·F 1x ( t) + F 2 � e (i ) + Nyr i 0 where the constant matrix N is -1 -1 N = (H ( z I-A-BF 1 ) B) ( z=l) (6) Des igned control system is depicted i n Fig .

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