Selected Works, Vol. III by Lu Xun

By Lu Xun

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So marvellous a success went far to uphold the opinion, both from within and without the Order, that the Society was the one hope of a shattered and shaken Church. And it was with this supreme conviction that Robert Parsons, some time after 25th July I 577, bound But the Society did not yet himself by vow to the Society. bind itself to him. Admission, as it were, into the inner circle was granted then but rarely, and after a very long probation ; for from these picked men were chosen the chiefs who directed Robert all over the world the destinies of the Society.

Everard Mercurianus, the fourth General (appointed over. in I 5 73), received him into the Society, upon St. James’ Day, 25th July I 575, Gregory XIII. (Hugo Buonocompagno) being Pope. Before entering the novitiate of St. Andrew’s on the Quirinal, under Fr. Fabius de Fabiis, he settled his worldly affairs, “especially of such goods as I left at Padua and in the Lord Buckhurst his hands in England, I (then) found myself at Padua, exceedingly comforted . . My two companions Mr. Lucas Atslow and John Lane, hearing of my resolution, they made the like, but Mr.

Allen writing 10th August 1577 to Chauncey says: “One of which order being somewhat young but otherwise PARSONS JOINS THE SOCIETY 43 which (judging from after events) emanated we should say from Parsons, was to the effect that as the Benedictines had converted England, so now the Jesuits might have the glory of There were, however, grave reasons in the mind regaining it. of the General against such a proposal. The men who were sent would go most likely on a mission of death; and it was doubtful whether the loss of so many would not outweigh Again, the English Government, the result of their labours.

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