SalonOvations' Guide to Aromatherapy by Shelley Hess

By Shelley Hess

It is a complete education e-book for each attractiveness expert desirous to use aromatherapy of their remedy in their personal consumers.

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There are almost too many other essential oils that work well with it to mention. It works well with most oils. Cedarwood, cypress, lavender, lemon, orange, and parsley are just a few examples. HYSSOP (middlenote) An herbbelongingtothe Labiate family. The essential oil is extracted from the flower tops and leaves. Used in biblical times for respiratory treatments. Cultivated in Brazil, Europe, and Israel. Other essentialoils that work well withit are: benzoin, chamomile Roman, clary sage, lavender, palma-rosa, rosemary (remember to use it very sparingly), and sage.

Each This reference ~. " . ~ 1 1 your memory. Do not let thecomplexityoverwhelm you. Learning about essential oils takes time and a lot ofpractice. , . * . .. I ne aurtzor nopes mar mesrmprrcrry OT me marenar W U Lnerp the readers to gain confidence i n their ability tocreate formulas on their own. m 7 . , I 1. 11 - Essential Oils: Commonand Latin Names Each essential oil has a common name and a Latin name. The list gives the common name followed by the Latin name. TheLatinname isusedmoreofteninthemedical community.

Remind the client that plants and herbs can effect us all. As long as a proper evaluation was done in the beginning, a clear log of all krzowrl allergens would have been recorded. Those elements would have been avoided. You will now add this to the client’s record. One reason you can offer to the clientis that perhaps the essential o i l that was used has some connection to one of the known allergens. For instance, the essential oil used could come from the same plant family. It is somewhat like comparing similar characteristics o f cousins.

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