Sacred Pleasure: Sex, Myth and the Politics of the Body by Riane Eisler

By Riane Eisler

Riane Eisler exhibits us how historical past has always promoted the hyperlink among intercourse and violence—and how we will sever this hyperlink and movement to a politics of partnership instead of domination in all our relationships.

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So gradually, though not without a struggle, I began to shift from what I thought I wanted to write to what I now see I needed to write. As I was putting together the materials and notes for the book I was originally planning, there was one chapter that kept getting bigger and bigger. ” First the materials started to overflow from one to two, and then three, four, and five file folders. In a very short time, there was a whole box. Then a second, a third, and a fourth. At that point, I began to see that this was not a chapter.

And it shows that much that is happening in our time can be seen as an attempt to shift to a system where pleasure—not in the sense of a short-term escape or distraction, but in the sense of healthy, long-term fulfillment—can instead be institutionalized, and even sacralized. This book also further expands the templates of the partnership and dominator models by focusing on the interconnections between different approaches to both sex and spirituality and whether a society is more authoritarian and warlike or more peaceful and democratic.

It is an opportunity to at long last break free of the fetters that have so long distorted our most basic relations: with one another, with our natural habitat, and even with ourselves, with our own bodies. Above all, it is the opportunity, and the challenge, for both women and men to construct for ourselves and our children a world where pleasure rather than pain can be primary—a world where we can be both more free and more interconnected, integrating spirituality and sexuality in a new, more evolved understanding of and reverence for the miracles of life and love.

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