Reading-Literature 2 First Reader by Harriette Taylor Treadwell, Margaret Free, Frederick

By Harriette Taylor Treadwell, Margaret Free, Frederick Richardson

Moment quantity within the sequence of Reading-Literature readers, whose goal is to coach young ones in studying and appreciating literature during the examining of literature. includes 13 of the easiest folks stories, of progressively expanding hassle, and 33 of the simplest rhymes and jingles compatible for youngsters. contains the 3 Little Pigs, The Cat and the Mouse, The Bremen Band, The Straw Ox, town Mouse and the rustic Mouse, Little Eyes, Little part Chick, The Fisherman and His spouse, The Sheep and the Pig and others. beautiful black and white illustrations are beautiful to young ones. appropriate for a while five and up.

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There was a little yard with ducks and chickens. And there was a little garden. " said the wife. "We shall always be happy now," said the fisherman. But one day his wife said, "This cottage is too small. I want a large castle. " So he went back to the shore. The sea was all purple and dark blue. The fisherman stood by it and said, "O prince of the sea! " said the fish. "She wants a large castle," said he. "Go home," said the fish. " The fisherman went home. There stood his wife on the castle steps.

There was a great storm. The sky was black. The lightning flashed, and the thunder roared. The wind blew, and the waves beat high. The fisherman was frightened. But he stood by the sea and shouted, "O prince of the sea! " shouted the fish. "She wants to rule the sun and moon. " "Go home now," said the fish. " The fisherman went home, and there sat his wife in the little hut. And there they live to this very day. —German Folk Tale. The Lad and the North Wind Once there was a poor woman. She had one son.

Just then something pulled his line. He drew up a large fish. "Let me go," said the fish. "I am not good to eat. I am not a real fish. I am an enchanted prince. " The fisherman put him back into the water, and went home to his wife. " said his wife. "I caught a very large fish," said the fisherman. "But it said to me, 'I am not a real fish. I am an enchanted prince. " said his wife. " said the fisherman. "You could wish for a pretty cottage," said she. "I am tired of this little hut. " So the fisherman went back to the sea.

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