Pu-Re – Zn-Zr by B. Predel (auth.), O. Madelung (eds.)

By B. Predel (auth.), O. Madelung (eds.)

For every body fascinated with the expertise and alertness of metals and alloys and with the advance of recent steel fabrics, a close wisdom of part equilibria is critical. additionally, details at the thermodynamical and crystallographical facts of the structures less than research is key, and infrequently metastable crystalline stages in addition to quasicrystalline or amorphous alloys are of curiosity. Vol. IV/5 offers most of these info. a result of great amount to be had of experimental facts and thermochemical calculations, a presentation in a single quantity, because it used to be learned a number of many years in the past within the favourite publication of M. Hansen "Aufbau der Zweistoff-Legierungen" proved to be most unlikely. therefore volume IV/5 needed to be divided into a number of subvolumes which hide - in alphabetical order - all binary structures of significance. Subvolume IV/5J, the 10th and final of the sequence, offers with the structures Pu-Re ... Zn-Zr.

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Soc. Jpn. : Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem. : Z. Naturforsch. B. (editor-in-chief): "Binary Alloy Phase Diagrams", Second Edition, Vol. B. , Materials Park, Ohio (1990) Landolt-Börnstein New Series IV/5 Rb-Se 1 Rb-Se (Rubidium-Selenium) Phase diagram Using thermal analysis and X-ray diffractography, Yatsenko et al. [77Yat1] have investigated phase equilibria. Moffatt [78Mof1] and Massalski [90Mas1] have redrawn the phase diagram published by the former authors. From Massalski [90Mas1] information has been taken to construct Fig.

B. (editor-in-chief): "Binary Alloy Phase Diagrams", Second Edition, Vol. B. , Materials Park, Ohio (1990) Landolt-Börnstein New Series IV/5 Rb-Si 1 Rb-Si (Rubidium-Silicon) The phase diagram is not known. Crystal structure Only the structure of RbSi is known precisely (Busmann [60Bus1, 61Bus1]). Its structure is cubic (isotypic with KGe with 32 atoms in the unit cell). 304 nm (Schäfer et al. [61Sch1]). By decomposition of RbSi in high vacuum at about 800 K Schäfer et al. [61Sch1] prepared RbSi 6 .

67Kle1] found no intermediate phases and no miscibility in the whole concentration range in the solid as well as in the liquid state. : Proc. Int. Symp. Alkali Metals, London Chem. Society, Special Pub. No. 22 (1967) 3 Landolt-Börnstein New Series IV/5 Rb-Te 1 Rb-Te (Rubidium-Tellurium) Phase diagram Phases and phase equilibria have been investigated by Chuntonov et al. [78Chu1]. Taking the results of these authors and assuming similarity with K-Te and Cs-Te systems, Sangster et al. [90San1] have constructed an assessed phase diagram, which has been the basis for drawing Fig.

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