Polarons and Excitons by C.G. & WHITFIELD, G.D. (eds) KUPER


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Fo r a certai n resemblanc e t o th e objec t image d i s de manded o f a n imag e . . " 20 I t i s m y judgmen t t h a t b y interpreiin g th e quotaiio n fro m Lenin, Albrecht committed th e sam e mistak e fo r whic h Leni n criticized Helmholtz . A s a matte r o f fact , Helmholtz , b y min gling differen t psychological , gnoseologica l concepts , mad e con cessions t o idealism . H e ddentifie d sensatio n (Empfindung) with concep t (Begriff), mor e precisel y wit h it s vehicle , th e sig n (Zeichen)I I f sensatio n wer e ideniica l wtt h th e iign , the n i t would reall y b e difficul t t o loo k fo r resemblanc e betwee n sensa tion an d th e realit y imaged .

2 The nineteent h century , chiefl y it s secon d half , wa s charac terized b y linguisti c historicism , b y comparativ e linguistics . Th e 2 This is , o f course , no t a "complete " evaluatio n o f th e schoo l o f linguistic psychology , i t i s meant onl y t o hin t a t th e essenc e o f it s theor y of signs . 35 contemporary scienc e o f languag e pai d attentio n onl y t o th e development o f language , to th e productiv e cause s of thi s devel opment. Researche s wer e conducte d fo r th e descriptio n o f onl y the diachroni c features , th e examinatio n o f synchroni c phenom ena wa s neglected .

Th e mos t progressiv e featur e o f thei r theory o f meaning wa s the wa y the y define d th e relation betwee n the sign and th e thing signifie d (reality) . What i s to b e noted her e first o f al l i s Thoma s Aquinas' s sensualism , accordin g t o whic h the ultimat e sourc e o f al l knowledg e i s t o b e foun d i n sensation . Even thoug h thi s standpoin t disregard s th e possibilit y o f con ceptual operation s carrie d ou t independentl y o f sensatio n (an d this is just it s greates t theoretica l defect) , it was in an y cas e goo d for assailing , a s i t were , th e existenc e o f concept s i n tota l inde pendence fro m objectiv e realit y (conceptua l realism) .

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