Phoenix: Therapeutic Patterns of Milton H. Erickson by David Gordon, Maribeth Meyers-Anderson

By David Gordon, Maribeth Meyers-Anderson

David Gordon has written a ebook that turns out to have performed anything the others in this similar topic haven't; he has made the fundamental styles of Milton Erickson really easy to replicate and USE. whereas I doubt that easily examining and utilizing this booklet will creat Erickson clones, the styles Gordon offers WILL let you use your individual talents to the fullest. An relaxing learn.

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And here was this patient, wrapped up in a sheet, walking around communing with God . . very polite and courteous. And so I was told to do something with him. I told him how desirable it was for the doctors to play tennis in the recreation hour. They were using muscles and skills and abilities that God had endowed them with. And it was very imperative that the tennis grounds be kept in good shape . . dirt court. And we wandered down to the tennis court. We made a lot of comments about the trees that God had made, the beautiful grass, the creations of the earth itself, and then I noticed that there were some rough spots on that dirt court and I told him I was sure that God didn't want those rough spots there and could he in some way succeed in having the tennis ground leveled carefully and smoothed out?

So I mailed the girl a postcard from Philadelphia advising her about the perils of yawning while riding in a convertible. The girl got that card and said, " W h o is that man and how did he EVER find out about it? I know / never told him. " The girl said, "It's signed M. H. " And mother said, "I've never BEEN to Philadelphia. I don't know of anybody who lives in Philadelphia by THAT name. " And she laughed, oh, uproariously for quite some time. And resumed normal living. It was just friendly advice.

And it is a very simple thing. How many therapists would have gone into the family history, history of the accident, the adjustments he made, and so on. And that he SHOULD make. All I did was yank him out of his unfortunate situation and drop him into a new situation that he COULD handle. And HE did all the rest of his therapy, all by himself. Now that's short therapy. It's therapy without insight. This devoted probing into the past and mulling it over and over and over endlessly . . And there is nothing you can change about the past.

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