Major Methods of Peptide Bond Formation. The Peptides: by Erhard Gross, Johannes Meienhofer

By Erhard Gross, Johannes Meienhofer

E-book through Gross, Erhard, Meienhofer, Johannes

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AA = Ala, Phe, Trp, Cys(Bzl). 0 R (in decreasing order of coupling rate) = OSu > Opcp > 2,4,5-OTcp > Imidazolide > ONp > 2,4,6-OTcp > Scp > Ocp. 22 Boc-His-N3 21 lOSu |SPy Boc-I Nps-| 20 19 Z-Gly-R° H-Val-OMe Bot| AAORfcn 18 i-OtBu Er H-AA'(-° H AA Z B O C ;}AA-ON P < 17 Benzylamine R-COOPh 16 34 Erhard Gross and Johannes Meienhofer credit must be given to the very thorough earlier study by Pless and Boissonnas (1963) in collaboration with Stich and Leemann (1963). In examining the reactivities of 27 mostly halogen-substituted phenyl esters (Table III, No.

Enzymatic recognition of internal codons involves factors EF-Tu and GTP. The EF-Tu · GTP · AA-tRNA complex binds to the ribosomes in response to the respective codon to form complex V. Peptide bond formation occurs by transfer of the fMet (peptidyl) group to form fMet-AA (VI); peptidyl transfer requires only ribosomes and K + . Translocation involves several coordinate processes: release of deacylated tRNAfMet to form state VII, one codon movement of mRNA and ribosome with respect to each other precisely positioning the next codon into position for translocation, and coordinate movement of peptidyl—tRNA (fMet-AA) from the A to P site resulting in state VIII.

Beyond a certain size, amino acid analysis will fail to indicate whether coupling of a frequently occurring residue did occur or not. Thus, the upper size limit for the use of incremental chain elongation may be put at 30 residues. However, for practical purposes a limit of 15 to 20 residues may be more realistic, except for solid phase synthesis (to be considered separately below). 4. Solid Phase Synthesis The solid phase method of Merrifield (1963,1969) represents an ingenious procedural simplification of the incremental chain elongation strategy.

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