Passing psychometric tests: know what to expect and get the by Andrea Shavick

By Andrea Shavick

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30pm. 30pm you must tell the chef before 2pm. Guests may be brought into the cafeteria if a special pass has been obtained from the Catering Manager. 1 The cafeteria is open at breakfast time. 30pm if you wish. 30pm, you must inform the Catering Manager. 4 The cafeteria is strictly for members of staff only. Test 3 # SHL Group Plc 2001. SHL and OPQ are registered trademarks of SHL Group plc which are registered in the United Kingdom and other countries. Verbal Reasoning / 41 All clerical staff should use from FPM2 to annually renew their security pass unless they wish to change any personal details.

Instructions: Each problem in the test consists of a series of numbers on the left of the page, which follow a logical sequence. You are required to choose the next number in the series from the five options on the right. Indicate your answer by filling in completely the appropriate circles on the answer sheet. Do not use a calculator. Time guideline: See how many questions you can answer in 5 minutes. Remember to work accurately as well as quickly. 5 ? 0 8 ? 5 ? 7 ? 5 7 Test 12 # SHL Group Plc 2001.

Note: Wherever you have difficulty with the questions, analysing them with the answers in front of you should make things clearer. How the practice tests are arranged The different types of psychometric test are arranged into separate chapters. In general, the easiest tests appear at the beginning of each chapter, progressing to the most difficult, or highest level tests at the end. For each test I explain:  what kind of skills or abilities are being measured  for what kind of job you might encounter that particular type of test.

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