Oceans (DK ONLINE) by John Woodward

By John Woodward

DK, the simplest reference writer, meets Google(tm), the world's top seek engine in a entire and authoritative sequence that is on-line, and units the benchmark for reference. offering whole and visually arresting reference at a completely new point, e-links lead you to on-line details you cannot get in a booklet: dwell and archival pictures; sound buttons; interactive polls, quizzes, and video games; hyperlinks to firms and the most recent learn. each one e-link tells you which of them key-phrase to use-then Google(tm) / DK take you instantly to the secure, applicable, and exact on-line details. become aware of the outstanding abundance and diversity of crops and animals that make the sea their home-from deep, darkish trenches, to lush, tropical atolls. additionally find out about the currents, cycles, and lifetime of the sea itself, and the way the future health of the sea impacts existence in every single place on this planet

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These are caused by the gravity of the Moon constantly drawing ocean water toward it while the Earth spins. They are modified by other forces, including the gravity of the Sun. Tides are also influenced by the shape of the shoreline, which creates extreme tidal effects on some coasts, while others are almost tideless. ” But the Moon’s movement also makes the Earth move in space, slinging water away from the Moon to create another tidal bulge. As the Earth spins, its coasts move in and out of the tidal bulges, causing high and low tides.

Some of the nutrients are soon taken up by marine life, but released again when the organisms die and their remains settle on the bottom. When ocean floor sediments are stirred up by currents and storms, nutrients are brought back to the surface. Here, the phytoplankton can turn them into food that supports the oceanic food chain. < Making food Microscopic marine bacteria and phytoplankton contain a green substance called chlorophyll that absorbs the energy of sunlight. Using this energy, they combine carbon dioxide with water to make carbohydrates such as sugar and turn these into the tissues that animals use as food.

The salty sea The water flowing off the land in rivers contains dissolved minerals called salts. The salt content in river water is so low that we think of it as fresh water, but in hot regions it often evaporates to leave thick salt deposits, like these at the edge of a salt lake. This occurs in the oceans all the time, and over billions of years, it has made ocean water salty. Most of the salt is sodium chloride, which is the same mineral as table salt. 36 HEAT AND LIGHT The oceans are warmed by the Sun, but tropical oceans are warmed far more than polar seas.

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