Migrane-Therapie: Biofeedback, Akupunktur (Schriftenreihe by Milos Sovak

By Milos Sovak

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And Sagar, S. L. (2005) Development of a purification process for adenovirus: controlling virus aggregation to improve the clearance of host cell DNA. Biotechnol. Prog. 21, 466–472. 10. , and Maheshwari, G. (2005) Inactivation of adenovirus type 5 by caustics. Biotechnol. Prog. 21, 446–450. 11. , and Maheshwari, G. (2004) Inactivation of adenovirus types 5 and 6 by Virkon S. Antiviral Res. 64, 27–33. Purification of Adenovirus Vectors 23 12. , and Hsu, D. (2004) Thermal inactivation of adenovirus type 5.

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