Microcomputers for Process Control by R. C. Holland

By R. C. Holland

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Its main operations are: BINARY ADDITION. Using binary addition the other three arithmetic processes can be accomplished, viz. subtraction (the CPU forms 28 Microcomputer Technology a negated form of the number, called two's complement, and then performs addition), multiplication (the CPU performs this function by a shifting and adding process) and division (successive shifting and subtracting). LOGICAL OPERATIONS. These are AND, O R and EXCLUSIVE O R . An additional function is COMPARE. COMPLEMENT.

2b. Radiation of all wavelengths is focused by a lens or concave mirror onto a thermopile. This is simply a radial assembly of minute thermocouples which are wired in series to sum the emfs generated. Thereafter the signal is handled in the same manner as a thermocouple. An alternative device is the Optical Pyrometer, which measures just one part of the radiation spectrum, the visible region. However, this instrument is manual in operation and its non-continuous indicating feature makes it unsuitable for computer interfacing.

One example is the Anemometer, which is basically a velocitymeasuring instrument. A circular vane or cup assembly is allowed to rotate in the air or gas flow and the rotational speed is taken as a measure of flow. In the Magnetic Flowmeter the fluid, which must be electrically conducting, flows through a magnetic field. Two electrodes are mounted in the fluid, and the conductivity between them is a measure of flow. This device has the advantage that there is no pressure drop across the detecting element (cf.

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