Psychotherapy for Borderline Personality Disorder: by Anthony Bateman

By Anthony Bateman

Borderline character sickness (BPD) is a critical character disorder idea to impact a few 2% of the inhabitants. The authors of this quantity - Anthony Bateman and Peter Fonagy - have built a psychoanalytically orientated remedy for BPD referred to as mentalization therapy. With randomised managed trials having proven this system to be powerful, this ebook offers the 1st account of this therapy for BPD.

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1996). Several studies suggest that the processing of input from the limbic system is dysfunctional, particularly in psychopathic ASPD individuals (Intrator et al. 1997; Kiehl et al. 2001). Clinical observation consistently indicates that patients with BPD have difficulty in inhibiting behaviour and/or delaying responses. For example, in one study patients with BPD were observed to make significantly more punishment–reward commission errors on a go-no-go task than did healthy Studies of mechanisms and aetiological factors subjects (Leyton et al.

Kernberg (1967) was the first to systematize these features. He delineated borderline personality organization (BPO) and placed it between personality organizations to be found in psychotic and neurotic conditions. The four intrapsychic features pointed to by Kernberg were: (1) identity diffusion, (2) primitive defences of projection, projective identification, splitting, denial, (3) partially intact reality testing that is vulnerable to alterations and failures, and (4) characteristic object relations.

1998, 2000) and bilateral hippocampal atrophy (Laakso et al. 2001). Early PET studies showed decreased cerebral blood flow to the temporal cortex but later studies have cast light on the role of serotonin in BPD (Soloff et al. 2000). In the latter study, five patients with BPD and no Axis-I MDD were compared with eight healthy controls. Patients had diminished response to serotonergic stimulation (with fenfluramine) in areas of the pre-frontal cortex associated with the regulation of impulsive behaviour.

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