Men, Sex and Relationships: Writings From Achilles Heel by Victor J. Seidler

By Victor J. Seidler

Males, intercourse and Relationships is a set of works from Achilles Heel , an influential journal of sexual politics. First released in 1978, Achilles Heel explored questions of masculinity from a perspective that used to be sympathetic to the feminist critique of male energy. The journal additionally aimed to make public the collective explorations of men's emotional and sexual lives and relationships. one of the issues addressed during this assortment are problems with early life, sexualities and sexual identities, violence in its assorted dimensions, men's future health, relationships and remedy. particularly insightful is the editor's introductory essay, which demonstrates simply how heavily intertwined are problems with sexuality and tool.

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It can be hard to trust that our partners can be there for us emotionally. Since we learn to experience our own emotions as a burden we would rather be without, so it is easy to feel that we are burdening our partners when we share ourselves with them. This is part of the difficulty that we often have in relating to others. As we take ourselves for granted emotionally, so it is easy to take others for granted. As men it can be hard to learn to care for others. Little in our background seems to prepare us for relationships.

I felt embarrassed again that I’d done the wrong thing. I couldn’t talk to her about what had happened and how I was feeling. The experience seemed private. More than that, it was totally other than life at home. The new horizons that were shown me of a middle-class educated world were separate from mam and dad and Sutton Street. Mr Pine planted seeds that were to grow steadily over the next 10 years. As I passed through grammar school a wedge was slowly being hammered between me and my family.

Sometimes we hear it more critically than it was intended because as men we have a strong critical sense and often one that is related to feeling that we are not ‘good enough’. It is partly because we are so hard on ourselves that it can be difficult to listen to what is being said. Often we cut off or separate by putting down our partners as ‘nagging again’ or ‘having a go at me again’. At times when men get violent, it can be as a way of trying to stop or eradicate this critical voice, which is also the voice within themselves.

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