Martha Quest (Perennial Classics) by Doris Lessing

By Doris Lessing

Clever, delicate, and fiercely passionate, Martha Quest is a tender lady residing on a farm in Africa, feeling her means in the course of the torments of formative years and early womanhood. She is a romantic idealistic in rebel opposed to the puritan snobbery of her mom and dad, attempting to reside to the entire with each nerve, emotion, and intuition laid naked to adventure. For her, it is a time of solitary analyzing daydreams, dancing -- and the 1st stressful encounters with intercourse. the 1st of Doris Lessing's undying young children of Violence novels, Martha Quest is an endearing masterpiece.

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Marnie glanced doubtfully at her, and met a glance of such scorn that she blushed in her turn, though she did not know what for. ’ Stephanie was seventeen, but Martha merely nodded. Damped, Marnie said, ‘She’s doing very well for herself, too, say what you like. ’ ‘Doing well for herself’ caused Martha yet another internal shudder. Then the thought flashed across her mind: I criticize my mother for being a snob, but despise the Van Rensbergs with a clear conscience, because my snobbishness is intellectual.

Yesterday, Martha had been on the point of getting out her bicycle in order to ride in to the station, so badly did she need to see the Cohen boys; when the thought of another scene with her mother checked her. Guiltily, she left the bicycle where it was. And now, although she wanted more than anything else to tell them about her silly and exaggerated behaviour in front of Mrs Van Rensberg, so that they might laugh good-naturedly at it, and restore it to proportion, she could not make the effort to rise from under the big tree, let alone get out the bicycle and go secretly into the station, hoping she would not be missed.

But this naturally infuriated Martha, who did not envisage herself in the style of a Marnie. But the women could not leave him alone, several times a day they came to him, flushed, angry, their voices querulous, demanding his attention. They would not leave him in peace to think about the war, in which he had lost his health, and perhaps something more important than health; they would not leave him to dream tranquilly about the future, when some miracle would transport them all into town, or to England; they nagged at him, as he said himself, like a couple of darned fishwives!

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