Major Companies of Europe 1992/93: Volume 1 Major Companies by R. M. Whiteside, A. Wilson, S. Blackburn, S. E. Hörnig

By R. M. Whiteside, A. Wilson, S. Blackburn, S. E. Hörnig (auth.), R. M. Whiteside, A. Wilson, S. Blackburn, S. E. Hörnig, C. P. Wilson (eds.)

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S. 96 Board of Directors: Pierre Scohier (Chairman), J Dopchie (Vice Chairman), Count Y du Monceau de Bergendal (ViceChairman), 0 du Monceau de Bergenda! (Managing Director), Y Boel, Count de Launoit, A Frere, S Golslein, J J Goossens, Mrs N Hardenne, A Leysen, J P Ruquois, G Vaxelaire, R Vaxelaire, L de L'Arbre, Th Masset, Baron R Vaxelaire PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: All banking activities Trade Names: GENERALE BANK (International); GENERALE DE BANQUE/GENERALE BANK (in Belgium only) Affiliates and Investments: Foreign Offices: BRANCHES: Italy: Milan; Portugal: Lisbon; Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia; Honorary Deputy Chairmen: R Louis, E Masset Executive Committee: 0 du Monceau (Chairman), J Pitz (General Manager, Do-it-yourself Europe), R Vaxelaire 28 BELGIUM (General Manager, Specialities Retailing), G De Herdt (General Manager, Unic Chain), R Vercruysse (General Manager GB Mass Retailing), Th Meisser (General Manager, Restaurants) Maatschappij voor het Beheer van Glasmaatschappijen bv.

Eric d'Hondt (Technical Director), Kris Mortelmans (Director Controller), FranQois Smet (General Manager Operations), Bruno Valkeniers (Commercial Director), FranQois van Geel (Director Administration), Hubert Vanleenhove (Director Container Operations), Ludo Verbinnen (Director Accountancy and Taxes), Marino Vermeersch (Director HRM). 90 BF'OOO BF'OOO Sales turnover 8,055,000 9,217,696 Profit (loss) after tax 86,145 (82,610) Share capital 500,000 500,000 Shareholders funds 824,641 880,000 No of Employees: 2,800 HIMONT BELGIUM Mercure Centre, Rakestraat 100, PO Box 14, B-1130 Bruxelles Tel: (02) 724 79 11 No of Employees: 310 Telex: 63 931 himont b Tele;ax: (02) 720 83 85 HONDA EUROPE NV Management: R J Mommaerts (Managing Director) 104 Langerbruggestraat, B-9000 Gent Tel: (091) 5002 11 Telex: 12 559 hondag b Telefax: (091) 51 61 92 Senior Executives: A H Colson, G Lesca, C Cogliatti, M Westhovens (Finance Director) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Production of resins and plastics for the automobile, textile and packaging industries Trade Names: Aslryn, Moplen, Pro-Fax, Vallec 0, Board of Directors: H Ikari, J-J Vis, S Miake, I Itoh, T lida, J-P De Gryse, S Ichimi Parent Company: Monledison SpA, Italy Management: H Ikari, J-J Vis, J-P De Gryse, S Ichimi Principal Bankers: Generale Bank; Banque Bruxelles Lambert; Kredietbank; Bank of America Senior Executives: A Galle, B Goossens, A De Leenheer, W Lammertyn, R Lambertin .

V. T. Franklpile Indonesia (Indonesia); Piling & Construction Co "Allam-Franki-Blaton" (Egypt); Sinbelco Construction Co (Singapore); Frankipile Investments Australia (pty) Ltd (Australia); Franklpile Australia Pty Ltd (Australia); Franklpile New Zealand (New Zealand); Frankl SA (Pop. Rep. 77 Board of Directors: Pierre Dessy (President Admlnistrateur Delegue). 90 Board of Directors: Philippe Loitier (Chairman), Jean Duronsoy (Chief Executive Officer). Directors: Marcel Goblet, Guy-M Paquot, Gerard Mestrallet, Georges Ugeux, Klaus Wendel.

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