Love's Lovely Counterfeit by James M. Cain

By James M. Cain

Classic BOOKS variation, reprint of 1945 printing. 1979 Random condominium mass industry paperback, James M. Cain (The Postman constantly jewelry Twice). it's the tale of a chiseler, Ben Grace, who starts off out as chauffeur to a mobster and finally ends up deed. among occasions, he rats on his boss, units up a reform Mayor, appropriates cash takes of the city (pinball, horses, etc.) and falls in love for the 1st time, with the klepto child of his associate, June, who loves him in her approach.

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One was beer, until prohibition got repealed, and the other is pinball, and both for the same reason. " "That's it. But once they went on record about it, they didn't really care. It was just a little bit against the law, if you know what I mean. , or enforcement officer, or maybe both of them working together, said it was. That meant you could make a deal. Not all over, maybe, but most places. " "That's it--anybody could sell it, and the racket went. So the boys had to find something. So for a while they made a mess of it.

I don't mind saying I've had my eye on you since before the election. " Mr. Yates got up and took several turns about his office. Presently he sat down. K. " "I'm not sure it is by me. Or--by the bar association. Or--by Mr. Bleeker. I'd say it was one of those things--" "Well, if the ethics bothers you I can go somewhere else and no hard feelings. K. " "I haven't turned your offer down. But I _would_ like to think it over a bit. Perhaps talk to Mr. Bleeker about it.

Oh, it's perfectly safe. Caspar's gang, you couldn't find one of them with a search-warrant--except Lefty. Lefty, of course, he's a special case. But that hotel, it looks like a morgue. ' Sunday night, after that body was found, it was all over. The night clerk, a cashier, a couple of porters, the bartender--sitting around the bar with me and Lefty, too sick even to have a drink. They knew. " "About whether he'll be indicted for the Delany thing. Or something else. About what he's going to do now.

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