Lost Sex: The Evolutionary Biology of Parthenogenesis by Bengt O. Bengtsson (auth.), Isa Schön, Koen Martens, Peter

By Bengt O. Bengtsson (auth.), Isa Schön, Koen Martens, Peter Dijk (eds.)

Sex is the queen of difficulties in evolutionary biology. Generations of researchers have investigated one of many final ultimate evolutionary paradoxes: why intercourse exists in any respect. provided that sexual replica is expensive from an evolutionary viewpoint, you may ask yourself why now not all animals and crops reproduce asexually. Dozens of up to date hypotheses try and clarify the superiority of intercourse and its benefits and are expecting the early extinction of absolutely asexual lineages.

The significant subject matter of this e-book is: what's the destiny of animal and plant teams within which intercourse is misplaced? preliminary chapters speak about concept in the back of asexual existence: what significant negative aspects do asexual teams need to face, what are the genetic and ecological effects and what does this conception are expecting for extra utilized features of asexual existence, for instance in agricultural pests, illnesses in addition to in cultural vegetation comparable to grapes. circumstances stories in lots of animals (focusing on either invertebrates and vertebrates) and vegetation show parallel, but in addition singularly novel diversifications to the absence of meiosis and syngamy. And final yet now not least, are asexuals quite doomed to early extinction or do actual old asexuals exist?

This ebook assembles contributions from an important study teams facing asexual evolution in eukaryotes. it's a milestone in learn on parthenogenesis and may be worthy to undergraduate in addition to graduate scholars and to senior researchers in all fields of evolutionary biology, because the paradox of intercourse is still its queen of difficulties.

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Weismann, with the help of a mathematician, showed that the resulting potential number of combinations in a species would generally be so high that no individual would be like another, not even its full sibling. The ultimate signifi cance of such variety was then to provide the “material for the operation of natural selection” (ibid, pp. 134, 135). 5 Cyclical and Obligate Parthenogenesis Weismann knew the phenomenon of parthenogenesis quite well from his extensive work on daphnids and ostracods (Weismann 1889, pp.

Mol Ecol 15: 3339–3351 Schaefer I, Domes K, Heethoff M, Schneider K, Schön I, Norton RA, Scheu S, Maraun M (2006) No evidence for the ‘Meselson effect’ in parthenogenetic oribatid mites (Oribatida, Acari). J Evol Biol 19: 184–193 Selker EU (2002) Repeat-induced gene silencing in fungi. Adv Genet 46: 439–450 Sharbel TF, Mitchell-Olds T, Dobeš C, Kantama L, de Jong H (2005) Biogeographic distribution of polyploidy and B chromosomes in the apomictic Boechera holboelli complex. Cytogenet Genome Res 109: 283–292 Simon J-C, Rispe C, Sunnucks P (2002) Ecology and evolution of sex in aphids.

In this essay, he proposed for the firs time that sexual reproduction is the source for the existence of individual hereditary differences. Parts of this essay are quite modern. However, in particular his ideas on the mechanisms of how variations are produced, were quite different from our current views. At this point in time, the reduction division of the germ plasm had not been observed, nor was it known that the hereditary material was situated in the chromosomes. Weismann accordingly believed that during fertilization, the germ plasm inherited from the parents was simply fusing together, thus accumulating in quantity.

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