Loose Women, Lecherous Men: A Feminist Philosophy of Sex by Linda LeMoncheck

By Linda LeMoncheck

Linda LeMoncheck introduces a brand new mind set and conversing approximately women's sexual pleasures, personal tastes, and wishes. utilizing the instruments of up to date analytic philosophy, she discusses tools for mediating the tensions between it sounds as if irreconcilable feminist views on women's sexuality and exhibits how a feminist epistemology and ethic can strengthen the discussion in women's sexuality throughout a huge political spectrum. She argues that during order to catch the variety and complexity of women's sexual event, women's sexuality needs to be tested from both compelling views: that of women's sexual oppression less than stipulations of person and institutional male dominance; and that of women's sexual liberation, either by way of every one woman's pursuit of sexual organization and self-definition, and by way of women's sexual liberation as a class.

Loose girls, Lecherous Men sheds an important new gentle on such much-debated themes as promiscuity, adultery, sexual deviance, prostitution, pornography, sexual harassment, and sexual violence opposed to ladies. Her ebook helps a discussion that encourages either men and women to take in a feminist viewpoint in exploring the that means and price of sexuality of their lives.

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Being the woman who is Linda LeMoncheck means being a white, middle-class, heterosexual female, not someone who is a woman and white and middle-class. "12 The affinity many feminists feel for the struggle against racism, classism, heterosexism, and imperialism is a function of our belief that interlocking social relations will generate interlocking social oppressions as well. 13 How can these observations be used to flesh out a dialectic between gender and sexuality that is sensitive to the sexual experiences, preferences, and desires of a wide variety of women?

My fear is that without such a dialogue, feminism will become the very thing its detractors now claim: a fragmented and narrow-minded political movement whose members are unwilling to recognize and listen carefully to the concerns of women with different views than our own. Therefore, this book is designed both to help feminists frame the dialogue on women's sexuality in realistic and nondoctrinaire language and to help those wary of feminism to see the value of approaching issues in women's sexuality in the context of the larger political and cultural institutions from which they spring.

Thus, one who adopts the "view from nowhere" claims the epistemological advantage over the advocate of the "view from somewhere better" through the ability to make claims about the world that are true for all persons in all times and places. Those who would advocate adopting the "view from nowhere" would argue that Page 16 particularly in such areas as mathematics and the physical sciences, an objective and impartial perspective is essential for formulating theorems, completing proofs, and constructing empirical hypotheses whose confirmation can be validated by any observer.

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