Locomotion by W.S. Hoar and D.J. Randall (Eds.)

By W.S. Hoar and D.J. Randall (Eds.)

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A pull on the posterior oblique tendon will swing the peduncle to that side. Flexure at the postpeduncular joint is accomplished by the “great lateral tendon” lying outside the posterior oblique tendon and running out along the peduncle on either side to insert on the bases of the caudal fin rays. A cross section through this tendon reveals it as a series of nested cones representing contributions from the myosepta of successive myomeres. C . LINDSEY which originate from particular parts of the posterior myomeres and insert on particular groups of caudal fin rays.

CARANGIFORM MODE In carangiform swimmers only the posterior portion of the body is capable of wide flexure. Undulations are largely confined to the last third of the length, and the thrust is delivered by the rather stiff tail (Fig. 2C). Carangiform swimming is faster and probably more efficient than anguilliform swimming, since the same thrust can be delivered, provided the amplitude has risen to a large value in the region immediately ahead of the trailing edge, with less energy lost in displacing water laterally and forming vortices (Lighthill, 1969).

Longitudinal T T u - I Fig. 6. Lateral view of rajiform swimming by manta Mobula diabolis. Length unknown. 64 sec intervals), of fish swimming from left to right, are displaced upward. Vertical broken line represents a fixed position on background. ) 36 C. C. LINDSEY sections through the body show it as a series of hydrofoils. The base of the pectorals assumes a sharp angle of attack during the upstroke of the wing tips (Klausewitz, 1964), providing lift to overcome the excess of weight over buoyancy.

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