Lebesguesche Integrale und Fouriersche Reihen by A. Plessner Schlesinger L.

By A. Plessner Schlesinger L.

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By 1994, when TBNA was established, it had already made substantial headway toward achieving this original mandate. TBNA: An Ambitious Vision for the Future In 2006, TBNA caught the attention of China’s State Council. The council designated it as a special pilot zone to further propel the country’s comprehensive ongoing economic reforms, making it part of national development strategy. In this capacity, TBNA was to explore “new regional development models [so as] to offer [a] practical example for development and reform 4 The Global Technology Revolution China, In-Depth Analyses throughout China” (see State Council, 2006).

See Salonen (2007). Introduction 5 The Role of TEDA In the view of the State Council, innovation in science and technology (S&T) is a linchpin of its vision of TBNA’s economic and environmental development; the council’s directives for TBNA give S&T innovation a special priority. Here, TEDA will play a pivotal role. In response to the State Council’s mandate, TBNA’s and TEDA’s leaders have set out to transform TEDA from an industrial-park complex into a state-of-the-art science and engineering (S&E) center for high-impact emerging technologies.

11 GTR 2020 updated The Global Technology Revolution: Bio/Nano/Materials Trends and Their Synergies with Information Technology by 2015 (Antón, Silberglitt, and Schneider, 2001), which concluded that the world is undergoing a global technology revolution that is integrating developments in biotechnology, nanotechnology, materials technology, and information technology at an accelerating pace. Introduction 7 t Identified the critical drivers and barriers that TBNA and TEDA are likely to face for each TA: Among the factors that determine whether and how a TA can be implemented, whom it benefits, whether its use is sustainable, and whether it can produce optimal outcomes, the balance of drivers and barriers is critical.

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