Kernel of the Kernel: Concerning the Wayfaring and Spiritual by Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabatabai

By Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabatabai

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J g y ¢ù« l pWÉæn r¨en p܃o∏o≤r∏pd ƒn go ø r en Éjn ≈æn ©r ªn rdG â n rfCGhn lIQn ÉÑn pY π t oµdG The universe is expression and Thou art its meaning, O, Thou! 1 1 2 Editor’s Introduction This magnetic attraction to the Truth, which results in tearing apart natural boundaries and limitations of the soul and traversing toward the realm of catharsis and boundlessness and, ultimately, annihilation in the Act, Names, Attributes, and Sacred Essence of [All¯ ah who is] the Origin of all origins, the Ultimate Goal of all goals, and the Worshiped One in whose Subsistence all being subsists; is more exalted and more magnificent than any act that can come to imagination.

Fourth, the psychic (nafs¯an¯ ı) thoughts which allure one toward the world’s adornments and desires. Human beings have a sublime faculty which can turn all satanic and psychic thoughts into virtues, and employ all of them in the way of God so that the earning of wealth, fulfillment of desires, and the cultivation of adornments all are done for the sake of God, and not for the self. ’’ 8. SÓ adr al-D¯ ın Sh¯ ır¯ az¯ ı, known as Mull¯ a ÓSadr¯ a (979–1050/1571–1640). 9. ¯Ayatull¯ ah Shaykh MurtaÓd¯a MuÓ tahhar¯ ı (d.

At this point it comes under his control and will. Obviously, a [spiritually] strong traveler is the one who is conscious of his own state while at the same time is cognizant of the world of multiplicities and conducts the affairs of both with utmost care. This is an exalted and sublime station and is attainable only with great difficulty. Perhaps it is attained only by prophets and Friends of God (awliy¯a‹ All¯ah) and whomever God wills. The Prophet’s description of his states can be noticed in such wayfarers when he said: lÜsôn≤oe l∂n∏ne Én¡o©°ùn nj n’ län’ÉnM p¬s∏dG n™ne »pd Inwardly I have such exalted states with God which no angel brought nigh encompasses, while outwardly, those states are the example of my human state, as mentioned in the Qur‹¯ an: ºr oµo∏rãpe ôl °ûn Hn ÉnfCG I am only a mortal human being like you.

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