Juniper Blue: (A Novel) (Western Literature Series) by Susan Lang

By Susan Lang

This engrossing new novel by way of acclaimed writer Susan Lang maintains the saga of Ruth Farley, the fiercely self sufficient younger lady who was once the protagonist of Small Rocks emerging. Ruth continues to be on her domicile on the finish of a rugged canyon in California's Mojave wasteland, nonetheless suffering to outlive on her personal and to get over a brutal rape and the homicide of her lover. Now she also needs to face the accountability of motherhood. the resultant tale expands Ruth's international to surround the immense landscape of Depression-era Southern California - miners and ranchers striving to hold on until eventually occasions are higher; Indians attempting to protect their historical tradition and identification; Okies, vagrants, and breadlines; the wealth and glitter of the motion picture undefined; and narrow-minded small-town gossips. Ruth's existence additionally expands as she adjusts to motherhood, attempting to hold her autonomy and isolation and attempting to protect the tenuous internet that hyperlinks her to the seductive ruthlessness of the wasteland and to its historical humans and their knowledge. Ruth is likely one of the most tasty and unforgettable characters in fresh fiction, advanced and contradictory, obdurate and weak, passionately in love along with her austere, be

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The fact that she was far from her cabin, that Kate would be wondering if Ruth would return to take 36 Madeline home tonight, didn’t seem at all important. ” “It a long way, Rute. Who know what might happen, ya? ” And Ruth knew Kate would bed Maddie down with her. B. on the car seat and throw a blanket on the ground somewhere for herself. At the moment she had no burning desire to return to her own canyon and cabin, which had come to feel too much like a cage. Yet the instant that thought occurred to her, an intense longing for Glory Springs came over her.

She wondered if Jim had ever sat on this same crate, watching the glow of campfire out this same door. But it would have been nearer winter when he came back here, she remembered. He would have hung something over the door and made his own fire in the rusted stove. Ruth got up and took the lantern from the table, held it up to better illumine the rest of the empty room. Her eye was drawn to a scattering of dry leaves across from her, and she walked over, kneeled down to examine them in the lamplight.

Oh, come on,” Ruth said, reluctantly. She gave Madeline the same lift and brush-off, but a bit more briskly. “You’re all right. ” Both children remained squinting up at Ruth in expectation, the July sun seething over their heads. She closed her eyes and sighed. How was she ever going to finish the wash? Their damned wash. She looked back at what used to be her bathtub, now filled with stinky diapers only half scrubbed. ” She scooped them up, one in each arm, and marched toward her cabin door. A little food and maybe she could get them to nap, have some time to herself.

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